Move over Ministry of Sound, it's time for The Lockdown Lift. 

What is The Lockdown Lift?

A non-physical, music themed nomination challenge to circulate among staff and boost morale as we enter a new month of social distancing. 

To take part is easy! Firstly, select someone from your company who is happy to create a company playlist on Spotify or Youtube, or any other music streaming service of your choice. 

Then, the nomination challenge is as follows:

  1. Participants pick a song that's getting them through remote working, singing at their desk or dancing in the kitchen. 
  2. Once the song is picked, they head to our Lockdown Lift JustGiving Page and donate £3 to Richard House.
  3. They then email that song to the nominated Playlist Collaborator from your company, who will add it for all to enjoy. 
  4. Finally, they nominate three other colleagues to take part and donate!

It's as easy as ABC, 123! 

How do staff nominate each other? 

You can set it up over your intranet or emails, so people can nominate one another. 

If you wish, we also have a Stories Template for Social Media, which you can request and share among staff for free - great for Facebook or Instagram, make sure people tag the company as well as their chosen nominees! 

Request the Stories Template Jpeg for your team