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Test your team with our Big Fat Quiz of 20 Years, a great distraction from the current coronavirus crisis and a chance to reunite virtually with your colleagues to raise funds for Richard House!

One of the best ways to engage with friends and colleagues right now is through an online quiz, and Richard House have one ready and waiting for you! 

Our Big Fat Quiz of 20 Years takes it's inspiration from the annual televised quiz, and is a free resource for your team to use during lock-down. 

Round up as many of your staff as possible, via the online conferencing platform you are using for meetings. Set up a JustGiving page for the quiz and ask every "team" to donate a minimum of £5 to take part - staff can get their families or friends in their houses to be their teammates. 

Amplify the fundraising even further on the night of the quiz - give every team "Joker cards", where they can trade an additional £2 donation on the page for receiving an answer that they are stuck on via a private chat message. Give each team three of these Joker cards and potentially raise an extra £6 per team! It will help drive the friendly competition as well. 

What are the Quiz Rounds? 

We want you to be able to customise your Big Fat Quiz of 20 Years, selecting the rounds that you think will go down well with your colleagues.

Due to this, we have prepared 12 rounds of 10 questions each, so you can pick and choose to make a quiz of the length you wish. Alternatively, do two quizzes across a fortnight, 6 rounds a piece, and double your fundraising! 

We will send you the rounds in an editable format so you can cut and amend the order as you wish. 

The 12 rounds are: 

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