Medicines are an important part of your child’s treatment. Everyone looking after the care of your child should have accurate and up to date information about their medicines.

Any problems you may have getting adequate supplies of medicines or any concerns you may have regarding your child taking their medicines, should be discussed with either a nurse or pharmacist at Richard House, so that we can support your child in getting the best from their medications.

Pharmacy Clinics at Richard House

These will be open on Tuesday mornings and at the Family Matters Clinic on the first Wednesday afternoon of every month.

Prior to your child’s visit to the hospice an administrator from Richard House will contact carers or parents to arrange an appointment. Parents or carers are very welcome to contact us if they would like to schedule their own appointments at Richard House care admin 0207 540 0217.

Purpose of the Pharmacy Clinics

  • To collect and confirm accurate information on your child’s medicines from a range of sources (e.g. your child’s GP, discussing with carers and parents, specialist clinic letters, hospital discharge letters).
  • To ensure you have an adequate supplies of your child’s medicines if they are staying at the hospice and for when they leave, and to help you get further supplies if necessary.
  • To update the information on your child’s medicines from recent hospital specialist appointments and share this with you GP.
  • To ensure your child’s symptom management care plan has been reviewed and is up to date (if your child has one).
  • To deal with any problems your child may be having with their medicines so that their admission to the Hospice is not delayed.

On the Day You Come to the Pharmacy

Carers/parents should bring along their child’s own medicines to discuss with the pharmacist. This is an opportunity for carers/parents to ask questions on the child’s medicines. The pharmacist will be able to prepare an accurate and up to date record ready for your child’s admission to the Hospice.