Imagine seeing the city you live in start to return to life beyond lockdown, knowing you cannot risk doing the same.

This May, for National Walking Month, step out to support vulnerable families who are still stuck inside.

Vulnerable families with seriously ill children who remain in complete isolation. Covid-19 threatens the life of their child.

You can help them still access the vital lifeline of Richard House. You can enable them to access emotional support and physical respite free of charge to help them cope. You can show them their local community cares for them.

2021 is the 21st anniversary of Richard House, a milestone achieved because of your generosity and those like you. Each month, the £300,000 raised by you all provides another 30 days of care for a family like Musa’s. But now the pandemic threatens the continuation of children’s hospice services.

You can step up for 308 Richard House children by taking 300,000 steps across the month of May and raising £210 in sponsorship.

Your sponsorship will celebrate this anniversary and give families the care they need from Richard House in 2021.

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Every step you take will bring hope and a feeling of community to those the pandemic has hit the hardest. Families whose seriously ill children mean their immune system is compromised. Many of whom live inside the “Covid Triangle”: the corner of East London with some of the highest rate of infections and death in all of the country. And some of the highest rates of child poverty.

This is where Musa and his family live.

You can help keep Musa supported and safe.


When you sign up, you’ll receive a goody bag with the tools you need to complete your #StepUpForChildren challenge and raise your £210 sponsorship. There is no registration fee to take part, and you’ll get a thank you medal on completion. You’ll be joining a team of step counters, all making sure that every step taken really does count.

Musa is five. He has been fighting cancer since he was 10 month’s old. He had a bone marrow transplant, but his body rejected these cells. Graft Versus Host Disease means Musa’s immune system is severely compromised. He is fed via a tube, frequently ends up in hospital and takes several medications a day.

Musa and his siblings have been desperate to go outside. Just to go to the end of the street. But we live in a block of flats, it’s not worth the risk. At one point they didn’t leave the house for two months straight.” - Sultana, Musa's Mum

Your support helps Musa, Sultana and their family stay connected at these times of crisis.

You can read more about Musa's story here. 

Please #StepUpForChildren like Musa this May and take on the challenge of walking 300,000 steps that count.

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 Have more questions or want to know how to sign up as a team? Get in touch with us. 

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