Bring your team through lock-down, physically apart but mentally together. #StayConnected. 

At the start of 2020, many of us made plans for the year ahead and set personal and professional goals. 

Coronavirus has altered the course of all those plans, and we are in the midst of unprecedented and uncertain times for our home and work lives. Most of our corporate partners are now remote working, and feeling the effects of long-term social distancing among their staff's mental health, morale, and motivation.  

After keeping safe and well, recognising our own mental wellbeing and finding ways to cope with and adjust to remote working are the next best things we can do to navigate these unchartered waters.

We are all in this together, and at Richard House we want to help your teams find ways to liven up their days and feel positive. It is still possible to bring workmates together remotely, with some fun virtual fundraising activities that can help them feel connected to the world outside their homes.

Through this they will then also help ensure that Richard House remains operational and able to support the most vulnerable families, who will need us more than ever when this crisis is over.

Our #StayConnected Pack

The Richard House Corporate Partnerships Team is still on hand and will be here for you and your colleagues across the coming weeks to get us all through the challenges we are facing as best as possible.

We hope this #StayConnected pack offers a starting point in allowing us all to keep focused on our shared values; to protect the most vulnerable, and make a positive impact within society.

Please reach out to us whenever you need to.

Download our #StayConnected Pack

Also, check out our Lockdown Lift playlist campaign for an additional #StayConnected idea! 

Further Wellbeing Support

Our Therapies Practitioner at Richard House is working closely with the Corporate Partnerships Team to offer wellbeing and occupational health webinars, activities and other therapeutic services to our partners. 

You can read more about what we can offer your teams through our Employee Wellbeing Services page.