We’ve compiled some fun fundraising tips and ideas for sports clubs. Whether you are a netball, cricket, football, hockey, swimming, rugby or other type of sports club, there should be a few fundraising ideas for you -and of course - don’t forget about your fundraising page!

The good news is that fundraising as a sports clubs creates plenty of benefits besides bringing in much-needed cash. If you do it right you can get the whole club involved, forge links with the local community, recruit new members and get some free publicity. Fundraising can be great fun and if you recruit a few helpers it need not be such hard work.

Don't get caught on the sidelines. Strike it big with our hints and tips.

  • Social nights - Make your clubhouse the centre of the club’s social life. There are endless evening events you can organise. Quiz nights, bingo nights, karaoke nights, live music, salsa nights, themed meals and wine tasting are all popular. 
  • Sponsorship - Advertising and sponsorship is a great way to promote your clubs in our literature. 
  • Hire out your clubhouse - If you have a clubhouse with a function room, what is it doing when the club is not using it? Can you hire it out for parties and events, or to local clubs and groups? People need venues for everything from birthdays and weddings to bridge clubs and Pilates classes.
  • Seasonal Events - The calendar is full of opportunities to put on an event. Try organising a Christmas fete, Boxing Day swim, New Year’s Eve party, summer bbq, Guy Fawkes bonfire and fireworks, Halloween fancy-dress competition, pancake evening or an Easter egg hunt.
  • Club merchandise - This is a way to raise your profile and make some money at the same time. You can have all kinds of products created with your name on. Choose things that people will find useful but are not too expensive. 
  • ‘Bring a friend’ practice sessions - Organise a practice session for your youth teams where the players can bring their friends. The newcomers pay a modest amount for an introduction to your club, and the coaches can use the day to recruit newbies.
  • Sponsored challenges - Sponsored walks or runs are a staple of fundraising for sports clubs, but to generate more sponsorship you need something newsworthy. This could be an event you organise as a club with lots of people taking part or one of our many challenges.
  • Event day raffle - This is another fundraising staple because it is easy to organise and does not take much time. Ask members or local businesses to donate prizes (in exchange for advertising). 
  • Fantasy league - You can organise a fantasy league based on your own club and players, raising cash and generating some friendly rivalry at the same time. Websites like FantasyClubSports can help you to set this up.
  • Sweepstakes - Whether it’s the World Cup or the Grand National, everybody loves a sweepstake. Charge a couple of pounds a go, give out the teams or horses at random and split the pot between the winner and the club.
  • Family fun day - This can be a big fundraising occasion and a chance to show the local community what your club is about. You will need a lot of helpers for this one, so recruit your members, friends of the club and extended families. 
  • For more ideas download our Community Fundraising Ideas Pack!

Community Fundraising Ideas Pack

  • Invite a speaker - Our speakers and awareness volunteers are a great way to inspire your members about the work of Richard House. We have a team of trained volunteers throughout the Newham, Tower Hamlets and the surrounding London Boroughs who carry out talks to groups both large and small (from a minimum of five people up to 100) and give you the information you need to know about prostate problems. We know that talks can truly make a difference! 

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