"Most illnesses don’t have society making you feel guilty about raising a child while sick. Mental health conditions, though, make the guilt huge – it’s as if others think you have a choice in it…"

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What is Spinning Plates? 

In the present climate, parents are finding themselves with ever increasing “spinning plates” - trying to give 100% to multiple roles and finding little left over for their own self-care and mental health. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the increased responsibilities of teaching and childcare whilst working remotely then Richard House’s “Spinning Plates” webinar can offer you support alongside practical tips and encouragement—you are not alone.

“Spinning Plates” is a prerecorded hour webinar, filmed in two parts - tune in on your own schedule. Led by Richard House’s Therapies Practitioner, Isabella Barrand, the session shows you how to take control of your emotional responses to the coronavirus crisis, recognise the state of your own mental health and feed this positively into your responsibilities to your family and work whilst also caring for yourself.

Though tailored towards Maternal Mental Health, there is some support and content suitable for all parents, so we welcome all to join us.  

What does the session cover?

In Part One, Spinning Plates looks at what Maternal Mental Health actually is, it's potential causes, and what Maternal Mental Health illnesses can look and feel like.

In Part Two, Spinning Plates looks at Mental Health and parenting in a much broader sense, touching on how to manage parenting when coping with a Mental Health illness, and practical self-care tools and examples to help manage the "Spinning Plates" of multiple roles and your own wellbeing. 

How can staff access the webinar? 

We are asking for a £200 CSR donation to Richard House in return for us sharing the webinar with your organisation. This donation will help us to support our Richard House parents as they face some fierce challenges in the coming months because of coronavirus. You would then be free to distribute this among your entire staff through whatever internal platform suited you best; demonstrating to staff your concern with supporting them and their family circumstances at this time.

We can either share the files with you via WeTransfer, or provide you with a YouTube link to the private videos so only your team can have access. We will also share with you the slides as a PDF so that staff can click through to the resources and websites signposted in the session, and provide the script of the session so that anyone unable to access the audio can still benefit from the material. 

If you have any other questions about the webinar, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. 

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