Can your team help Richard House stay at the front-line of children's palliative care? 

In order for Richard House to continue being at the forefront of support services for life-limited children and their families, it is not just our care training that needs to continually evolve and develop. 

We are now working on developing specific activities or projects, bespoke to each corporate partner, that utilise your company skills and expertise to assist our support teams; HR, Finance, Legal, IT, Marketing, even Fundraising.

These projects will be designed to engage your employees talents and play a valuable support role to Richard House by mentoring and training our staff, or directly taking responsibility for the completion of a project.

We are also keen to work with partners who are achieving great success implementing new policies in their own organisations, around remote working solutions, productivity, energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly, sustainable working practices. 

If you have a key skill within your business where you think Richard House could benefit from your training and expertise, please let us know. We are keen to work strategically with our corporate partners to find areas of common interest, particularly where we can fill knowledge gaps both ways to make a mutually beneficial volunteering experience.

Want to get started on discussing some skills sharing between your team and Richard House?

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