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Many Richard House service users are physically challenged. With the world of gaming being so closely linked to principles of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - we see it as a powerful tool in helping our young people to overcome barriers to equality. Don't believe us - scroll down to read why gaming has helped Richard House service user Abdullah to overcome some of his struggles.

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  1. Set up a live stream of your gaming marathon and ask for donations. People who donate can even set you a forfeit that you must complete on your stream!
  2. Challenge your friends or colleagues to a pay-to-play tournament
  3. Live stream your group trying to complete a game in record time. You can even set yourselves handicaps like reverse controls to make it more interesting!

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Meet Abdullah

16-year-old Abdullah has been coming to Richard House for as long as he remembers. Abdullah shares why he is passionate about gaming.

“Gaming helped me a lot. Talking at school is difficult. When people look at you, they judge you at that moment and it’s very hard to make friends. However, when I go online the players on the other end don’t know anything about my personal life. It is very easy to express myself.”

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  • £50 Could create a memory box for families to store precious keepsakes of their child that can be treasured forever.
  • £82 Could provide an hour of vital nursing care for a seriously ill child.

£210 could fund five hours of Hospice at Home care, allowing parents or carers to take vital time to recharge, knowing their child is being looked after by a specialist team.

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