Fundraising for a local community cause like Richard House is a fantastic way to demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility, and to engage your staff in positive, morale boosting activities for charity. 

At Richard House, we also want to work alongside your company to achieve more.

What is a Purpose-Driven Partnership?

Every business has a bespoke skill-set and corporate intelligence, built from it's own unique experiences in it's field. No other company would be able to offer an identical team of creative minds and skill-sets, or the same resources and techniques to achieve a desired outcome. 

The individual characteristics of your company can help shape a better future for Richard House, and we know that many organisations are seeking partnerships that are underlined by a shared purpose; to solve a problem, or to implement positive change for the most vulnerable in society. 

We are seeking these partnerships too. 

We also know that it is becoming increasingly important to the nation's workforce that their company moves beyond purely transactional support to charities, instead wanting to see their organisation dedicate it's expertise to helping solve some of the biggest problems facing society, both globally and locally. This drive among staff is gaining so much momentum that it now impacts their choices on who to work for, as they want to feel a part of delivering lasting change and doing good.

We want your staff to not only feel part of delivering lasting change, but to witness it first-hand.  

Richard House is uniquely positioned to be able to build purpose-driven partnerships, due to the work that we do and where we are doing it. Although we work across 18 boroughs in the London area, our top three where most of our families live are Newham, Tower Hamlets and Hackney.

These three boroughs have among the highest levels of child poverty in all of the UK, Tower Hamlets being ranked #1. Our families face a devastating reality of financial poverty combined with high medical costs because of their child's complex condition. The regions in which we work are also among the most ethnically diverse, another factor that contributes to the socio-economic deprivation in these boroughs and leaves our families isolated, struggling, and unable to find a community for the support they desperately need.  

Richard House has made great strides over the past 20 years in improving the reality faced by over 300 families each year, but there is so much more we need to do and thousands more families that need our help. This is not a task we can tackle alone, and we know that the expertise of our corporate partners is the key ingredient to a brighter future for the most vulnerable families in East London. Whether you are a small team, or the London office of a global giant, and whatever sector you are working within, we believe there is much we can learn from one another. See an example of this in our spotlight below.

Being located in the heart of Newham, the purpose driven journey we take with your company is one that you will be able to share across all your staff, with the opportunity for first hand visits to see the impact of your partnership in action. Only 20 minutes away from Canary Wharf and half an hour from The City, with Stratford also on our doorstep, the connection between your team and our families couldn't be closer.  

Let's start discussing our Purpose Driven Partnership 

You might also want to take a look at our volunteering section of the Corporate Partner Hub, to see further ways your company can get involved with Richard House beyond financial support.