I want to say a big thank you to all of you who have supported our emergency appeal so far. Your assistance will help towards ensuring we are able to continue to be there for the most vulnerable children in our community and their families. We still have a long way to go and want to ask, if you haven’t already, that you consider making a donation.

Yesterday I spoke to Sarah Crowley, one of our Palliative Care Nurses, and I want to share with you her update:

“Richard House will have an important role supporting the NHS over the coming weeks by taking on children with long-term conditions from hospital wards, so that we can free up hospital beds.

Morale amongst our care staff is fairly high at the moment. We feel that by continuing to do our jobs, helping the most vulnerable children in the community, that we are doing our bit to help with the COVID-19 battle. We all are working together to make a safe and happy environment, making sure we are here for each other, with small gestures such as making a cuppa, lending an ear to someone who needs to voice their worries or by offering lifts to staff members who rely on public transport.

I know that everyone is affected by the fear and anxiety caused by COVID-19. But we, as care staff know that while we are well, it is vital to continue coming into Richard House because of the support we provide to the most vulnerable families in our communities but also to help relieve the NHS hospitals, freeing up beds for someone who needs critical care.

Over the next few weeks we at Richard House are preparing for working with new children and families. We are taking things day-by-day and staying within the moment. It is so important for the families that we work with, that Richard House remains open, because after COVID-19, when things are slowly returning to normality, Richard House needs to continue to be here to provide the support we gave to the families of life-limited children, for the last 20 years. So if you haven’t already, I urge you to please consider donating to our Urgent Fundraising Appeal today.”

Donate to our Urgent Fundraising Appeal Today

I want to say thank you to Sarah and all our care team, for their hard work and dedication through the current crisis.

From all at Richard House, I wish you a safe Easter weekend. We hope everyone stays safely at home, enjoying valuable time with their family and loved ones.

Kind regards,
Chris Baker
Chief Executive
Richard House Children’s Hospice