ForTheChildren Like Alexander

 “When I was 20 weeks pregnant, I went for my routine scan and I was told there was an abnormality. Alexander was born and was taken away for surgery after only 15 minutes with him. We had to wait seven hours to finally see him again.” – Alexander’s Mum, Emma.

 This Children’s Hospice Week we are shining a spotlight on how our work enables us to be there #ForTheChildren like Alexander.

Alexander is now two years old and has short gut syndrome, which affects his digestion, meaning he has a has a central line attached to him at all times and relies on a feeding tube for all his nutrition. There is nothing that can prepare you for receiving the news your child has a life-limiting or life-threatening condition, but Richard House is there for families from the moment they receive a devastating diagnosis.

Alexander and his family, found a lifeline at Richard House Children’s Hospice.

“We came to Richard House when Alexander was 10 months old. I felt alone, isolated and still terrified for him. My mum convinced me to have a family day out during the covid restrictions, and the experience was just awful. I thought to myself that this was the worst moment of my life. It was at this point that I took a chance and emailed Richard House. It changed my life forever.” – Emma.

Alexander really enjoys his music therapy sessions at Richard House. The sessions offer Alexander a safe space to express himself supported by our music therapist, Amelia. He loves playing musical games and is curious to explore the range of different instruments on offer. Music Therapy has helped to give Alexander structure by coming to Richard House weekly. These visits, coupled with time spent with our play and care workers in Day Care have helped develop Alexander into a confident little boy.

Alexander’s mum, Emma, comments “Alexander really enjoys his music therapy sessions. They give him a space where he is in control of his environment and can lead the session and be creative. He has gone from crashing about to very clearly communicating what he wants and feels. He has also started playing guitar along with Amelia and he loves that. He looks forward to seeing ‘Mimi’ every week.”

To make sure we can continue providing this vital care for children like Alexander, we need your support. Help us this #ChildrensHospiceWeek and get involved #ForTheChildren.