Dear everyone,

I am writing this letter to you all sitting by my window with the sun shining and thankfully we have been Covid free within my block of flats. We are very fortunate here to have a lovely big garden which is a huge bonus.  The garden is a great place for thinking and I tend to go out there early in the morning when no one else is about and of course Richard House is never far from my thoughts. Thank you to you all for the ways in which you have adapted to a different way of working but I am so aware of the challenges this has presented. Most of us living in London do not have large living spaces in which to work from home and I know that some of you will be juggling home schooling with trying to raise funds and perhaps others having to share limited space with partners and house mates who are also working at home or on furlough.

Many good things are beginning to happen and I am thrilled to hear the news that ‘Hospice at Home’ has restarted. Families must be so relieved and joyful to see some of our colleagues at the door and maybe allow a tired and stressed Mum or Dad to have a breather. I imagine the smiles on many of our children’s faces when they see a team member they know and who plays with them and makes them feel happy.     

The beginning of June is Volunteers week so a special message to all of you who offer your time and skills to Richard House as volunteers and I hope that you have all kept safe and well. No doubt some of you have missed the companionship of being with others whilst helping in our shops particularly if you have felt very isolated in your home. Richard House celebrates all our volunteers who, together with our staff, enable us to provide care and support to increasing numbers of children and their families. Usually at this time of the year we invite you all to a tea party to say a big thanks but I’m saying it anyway and when we are allowed to celebrate again we certainly will! 

As I write this I know that wherever you are be it in the hospice or at home you are making and will continue to make a difference so allowing Richard House to extend its wings further and support more communities in those areas of London where we are privileged to work and very much needed.

 Warmest wishes and my love to you all. Keep safe and well.