More than likely your local Masjid has always relied on fundraising to maintain the building and grounds and run the mosque day to day. Nothing much has changed in this modern era, except it is now easier than ever for you and your local community to do your part in helping raise funds for your community too!

Richard House Children's Hospice, based in East London, serves one of the most diverse communities in the country, with 50% of the children coming from Muslim families, living in Newham and the surrounding boroughs of London.

At Richard House we believe fundraising should be seen as something fun that brings your local community closer together, helps promote your church and its activities and raises well-needed funds in the process for local causes. So what are you waiting for?

Zakat and Sadaqah

We invite you to support Richard House and to #DonateSadaqah. While Zakat is an obligatory charity due from every Muslim on a yearly basis, Sadaqah is an entirely voluntary charity which can be performed at any time of year, and any amount can be given.

Unlike Zakat, which has a number of stipulations regarding the type of assistance it can provide, Sadaqah can be used for any project or programme which is of benefit to people. An important concept within Islam is the idea of Sadaqah Jariyah – an ‘ongoing charity’.

The Prophet (SAW) said:

“When a person dies, all their deeds end except three: a continuing charity, beneficial knowledge and a child who prays for them.” [Muslim]

Many Muslims are eager to give charity which will continue to have benefit to people after their death, and continue to earn them reward. Why not make Richard House yours?

Find our more about how you can give Sadaqah 


As our brothers and sisters around the world observe the holy month of Ramadan, join in a get creative!

  • Do Simple Acts of kindness - Ramadan is a time of being humble and extra gentle.  Gain rewards from doing lots of simple acts of kindness.  
  • Donate your lunch or coffee money - Donate the money you save from not having lunch or your morning coffee (or both) over Ramadan. Nourish your soul with good deeds. Set up a fundraising page and encourage others to also donate.
  • Teach/ Learn something new each day - Seek  and learn something new each day and then share your knowledge with people around you.  
  • Volunteer 1 hour a dayBy volunteering just 1 hour a day and dedicating it to helping charitable causes, local businesses or people in your area, you can make a positive change in the world and yourself.
  • Share a hadith with your friends and family each day - Just the simple act of sharing a hadith with a friend can encourage positive change.  You never know how big of an impact a small action can have.

Pay Your Zakat This Ramadan 

Raise awareness across social media and down load our Ramadan Social Media Pack!

Ramadan Social Media Pack

Here is a selection of other ways you and your Mosque can get involved....

  • Seasonal Masjid fetes - Why not gather your community together and create events around the seasons, giving you plenty of opportunities throughout the year for fundraising.
  • Supper Club - Gather your best cooks together and think of a theme for your night, based around a style of food, a season or a country. Either host the event in the mosque or at someone’s private home and make it a monthly programme. The dinner should provide excellent quality food for a small number of diners, so keep the price fairly high to add exclusivity and maximise fundraising.
  • Behind the scenes tour of the mosque- It is not every day that you open up access to the prayer hall and give a behind the scenes tour of your Masjid. Perhaps the Imam can host the tour or a local historian could be invited along to provide more background.
  • Coffee morning - Quite simply hold a coffee morning and ask for food and drink donations, which are then sold to raise funds. This brings everyone together in an informal environment and could be held a few times each month.
  • Local history talk - Organise for a local historian to do a talk on the area and organise a coffee morning around the event. Charge for entry and refreshments and ask for donations.
  • Family day - Getting the whole family involved is a great way of introducing new generations to your community and raising funds at the same time. You could have fun activities like face painting and child and parent races, entertainers, musical acts, tombolas etc. Fun, fun and more fun with plenty of fundraising thrown in for good measure.
  • Invite a speaker - Our speakers and awareness volunteers are a great way to inspire your congregation about the work of Richard House. We have a team of trained volunteers throughout the Newham, Tower Hamlets and the surrounding London Boroughs who carry out talks to groups both large and small (from a minimum of five people up to 100) and give you the information you need to know about prostate problems. We know that talks can truly make a difference! 

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Contact Us

If you’d like your mosque to help support the most vulnerable children in our communities, contact us to find out just what we need to achieve our ambitious programme. Richard House is London's first Children's Hospice. Whatever your capacity to give, support or raise awareness, we have the most comprehensive plan to help seriously ill children across our community and we want to hear from you and how you can be a part of the journey! 

Whatever your mosque decides to do, we will support you with whatever you might need from collection buckets to banners. Just let us know what you’ve got planned - email our Community and Events fundraising team or call 020 7540 0228 so we can start supporting you today.