I have been working as a paediatric nurse for 14 years. I decided to become a nurse because my mum was a midwife and I wanted to follow in her footsteps and work with children and families. It was very important to me to have a profession that was fulfilling and rewarding, and becoming a paediatric nurse was the perfect job.

I attended the University of Greenwich and I met some wonderful people there. Since then I have worked in various hospitals, specialities and organisations and have met some remarkable children and families along the way.

I love working at Richard House because I have made some great friends here and it is like a family environment with so many different personalities and everyone brings something special to the team.

I have got to know so many children and families and over time you get to build a relationship with them. Every day is different and you are faced with new challenges and experiences. It’s a great place to work.

I am currently setting up our much needed Hospice at Home service. It is expected that 70% of our families will use the new service.

When I am not working I enjoy going to the gym, visiting new places and having fun with my two adorable nieces. But my favourite thing in the world is meeting up with my friend once a week for coffee, cake and a good chat. But for many of our families who have children with complex conditions, they cannot do this as even simple trips out can be difficult due to medical equipment, such as ventilators. That is why I am proud to be leading the implementation of a service that will give carers more support and choice, helping them to retain a sense of control and independence.