Myles has short gut syndrome which means he has to be feed through a tube, a Hickman line, which has been surgically placed into his heart. He is connected to the tube for 14 hours every day and needs constant supervision.

Now six, Myles is a lively, energetic, bright young boy with lots of personality, he is very curious, funny and likes to look in the mirror and pull funny faces. Myles loves music, singing and dancing and so really enjoys the music therapy at Richard House.

Dad Jerry said:

"Music therapy is like a lifeline giving Myles a new lease of life and a way to express himself and learn while having fun. But it also gives us quality time with him as parents and allows him to explore his overwhelming curiosity.

It is so important to use that Myles can take part safely in everyday childhood activities such as music and Richard House ensures he can do this. Amazing."

Myles needs constant supervision especially when he is connected to his Hickman Line and feedbag. He is connected for 14 hours in the day and it has to be ensured that Myles has no infection of or conditions which affect his Hickman line which flows directly into his heart arteries and veins. Myles’ Mum is his full time carer and he can only be left medically trained family and professionals.

Dad Jerry said:

A common misconception is that hospices are places only for children nearing death. Instead I would say hospices as amazing as Richard House provide children and families with a new lease of life.

There are like a brilliant extended family member offering families and children joy, happiness, and the ability to be included in the normal activities of family life taking away those barriers.

For us Richard House offers essential support for our family, a place where Myles is included in everyday fun childhood activities and quality time both with Myles and for us as parents together when he has overnight care.