Haider has Leah’s disease and has been a visitor to Richard House for around 12 years. Recently he had spinal surgery and was in hospital for eight months.  He is still on very heavy medication and currently not going to school. Haider responds well to sensory stimulation and loves light and tactile toys and most of all when the wind touches his face.

Mum, Ruksana, said: “Our family life is based around Haider, whether it’s going to get the weekly shopping or trying to plan a day out; we have to arrange these around his constant appointments and his unpredictable health. So we live each day as it comes but the family have adapted to that well.

“Richard House is “oxygen” to me.  By that I mean that when things get hard, when I need to breathe, when I am exhausted and tired, I know there is a home for Haider where he can stay and all his needs will be met. That gives me a chance to recharge and get my life back on track.

“I ask people to donate if they are able to, to spread a little kindness.  There are many children with many different conditions who come to the Hospice and when a child is born with unexpected condition, the families fall in a big hole. Suddenly their world becomes very small and if there’s other children involved it has impact on their lives too. So I ask you to have a heart for the children.

“Richard House is the only other home Haider knows.”