When Arlo was born he seemed a healthy baby, but within two months he was suffering serious seizures. He was eventually diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a form of severe epilepsy that affects development, requiring round the clock one-to-one care. For his family, being able to come to Richard House makes the world of difference. 

Arlo can scarcely speak, displays autistic behaviours, is awake for many hours each night, and lacks any sense of any danger. Mum, Galia, said:

"Arlo is now a happy, loving 13 year old boy who enjoys swimming, hearing nursery rhymes and spending time with his adoring sister. He is the most wonderful, happy, funny little boy.

Arlo can have seizures at any time and due to his condition he needs one-to-one care 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week. This means there is a massive strain on our family to look after him and as a result my husband and I are constantly exhausted. Being able to spend time at Richard House has made a world of difference.

Over the years the family have visited Richard House for respite. The important thing for Arlo and us as family is the continuity of care that Arlo receives at Richard House. He is a complex boy who makes strong bonds with places and individuals, so it is important that there is continuity in his care. 

When we arrive at the hospice Arlo is always pleased to be there and generally heads straight for the sensory room. We can relax, enjoy time as a family and get some sleep, knowing that Arlo is safe and being cared for by a professional, fun, caring team.”