Behind every great corporate partnership is the employees and their passion to support. 

As a company, you know better than anyone else what will work when it comes to fundraising within your team; what kinds of events will be popular or suit the dynamics of your staff, plus any secret talents your colleagues have that could be monetised into fundraising for Richard House! 

The Corporate Partnerships Team at Richard House is also here to help with a range of ideas and events available that you could look to run with your employees, all of which have something a little different to help ensure that the partnership continues to feel fresh and exciting for staff to engage in. 

We aim to make our ideas and campaigns easy to access and implement, so that your employees can also feel empowered to fundraise autonomously, taking some of the organising responsibility away from the charity champions or committee.

Of course, sometimes the best ideas are the classics that always guarantee a strong ROI, such as bake sales, quizzes and raffles. But doing a staple fundraiser like this doesn't have to feel same-old, same-old; we can help you find a new twist on a classic to keep employees keen to get involved. 

A great place to start if you are stuck for ideas is Your Partnership Resources - our list of downloadable fundraising packs and ideas that can provide a great foundation to plan your upcoming fundraising with your team. 

Whatever you have planned, do keep us posted! The Corporate Partnerships Team is always on hand to support you with ideas, but also event planning, materials and stewarding - you can read more about this here

Download Your Partnership Resources