Consumers are increasingly concerned with the values held by the companies that they are buying their products and services from.

The current coronavirus crisis has made this all the more apparent; companies who are focusing their resources on supporting local communities, key workers and the NHS are experiencing a boost in their reputation and image that will last long after the pandemic is over. 

Supporting Richard House through a CRM or Commercial Partnership could help you enhance your brand image, reach new audiences and be more inclusive to a diverse demographic, particularly in the current financial forecast.

Our families live in the most socio-economically deprived boroughs of the UK, currently among the worst affected by the coronavirus pandemic as they have had their income halted and their outreach support in their home from the hospice temporarily stopped. As a Commercial partner to Richard House, you can help raise funds to get them back on their feet as soon as lockdown lifts, and help spread awareness of their situation to your consumer base.

Now it is more possible than ever to communicate this message effectively; we have all had a taste of the isolation and limitations that our families have always faced, every day since their child was diagnosed. 

Richard House is experienced in establishing CRM and Commercial Partnerships, including; 

  • An established relationship with Pennies - The Digital Charity Box
  • Ready-made templates for Commercial Partnership Agreements and NDA's
  • Collection tins and buckets with QR codes for easier consumer use in the digital age

There are lots of options for partnerships of this nature and so please get in touch with the Corporate Partnerships Team to discuss your company, audience, and what we can build together in partnership with Richard House. 

Let's discuss our Commercial or CRM Partnership