Joining Richard House as a corporate partner means joining an ambitious and collaborative network of organisations; whose shared values and commitment to supporting those most at risk in the local community allows our hospice to continue its vital work with life-limited children and their families. 

Every corporate partner brings their own wealth of skills and experience, helping Richard House to tackle our biggest challenges, expand our reach to new families who desperately need us, and to implement new services.

As individual employees and together as a team, you can keep Richard House open as a beacon of light in troubling times - offering the precious gifts of choice, happy times and better quality of life to vulnerable families. 

We are committed to offering your company a personalised partnership, where all your staff can feel valued and engaged with Richard House's work. We look to involve our corporate partners at every opportunity and share our successes and challenges with you, showing the tangible impact of your support at every level and celebrating milestones together.

The Corporate Partnership Team is always on hand to offer ideas, materials and our presence - our role is to champion you and the fantastic efforts of your team. 

A Corporate Partnership with Richard House looks like this...

Join Us! 

First Steps to Partnership 

If you are the charity lead within your company then you may already know the procedure in place for making Richard House the charity of choice for your partnership.

If not, these tips will help get you started! 

  • Find out if your company currently supports a charity, and how it selects it's charity partners - is there a staff vote, and can you nominate Richard House?
  • If there is already a main charity that your company supports, there may still be options for getting involved with Richard House alongside this, perhaps through volunteering or our networking and wellbeing events. Seek out who your charity leads are and have a chat with them. 
  • Chat with your team-mates; what kind of activities would you want to get involved with and what do you want to get out of a charity partnership? Check out our partnerships page to give you some ideas, plus our campaigns for some fundraising inspiration. 
  • Then have a chat with us! We would love to hear from you, answer any questions you may have, and help you tailor the perfect partnership between Richard House Children's Hospice and your company. 

Contact the Corporate Partnerships Team