Below you can find four examples of our current corporate partners and how they have built a bespoke relationship with Richard House and our families. 

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Corporate Spotlight Charity of the Year: Baker McKenzie Llp

Baker McKenzie have supported Richard House since 2001 and been a driving force helping the hospice through good and bad times. Richard House has been delighted to be re-elected as their Charity of the Year partner for the past six years.

2019 was one of our best years of partnership with Baker McKenzie yet and we raised over £47,000 for Richard House alone! 

We are always looking for ways we can introduce new aspects to the partnership, tailored to the needs and interests of Baker McKenzie and their staff through pro bono, fundraising and volunteering activities.

Over the course of our partnership we have seen the generosity and enthusiasm of Baker McKenzie staff at every level, with even the Managing Director even taking on our 540ft abseil in a Spiderman mask!

Interaction with our families and visiting the hospice is also a major part of our partnership. One of the best volunteering teams from Baker McKenzie is our Christmas team, who for the past two years have visited Richard House and transformed it into a festive wonderland. We can't wait to have them back!

Corporate Spotlight: A Commercial Partnership for Lockdown - David Lloyd Clubs

"We feel privileged to support Richard House and the amazing work they do for the children and their families. We know the positive impact physical activity can have and when Richard House approached us our teams jumped at the chance to help, selecting a range of activity plans and wellness sessions for children to do at home and a collection of workouts chosen for parents and carers. We hope these videos go some way towards helping them though this incredibly challenging time." 

Mia Manson-Bishop, Member Experience Director from David Lloyd

Due to Coronavirus, the families who rely on Richard House for social and practical support have become even more isolated than usual, and many cannot even leave the house for physical activity due to needing to shield their vulnerable siblings. These families had always relied on Richard House’s outdoor space for physical activity and fun, which they have been unable to access since social distancing was enforced.

Wanting to enable these families to keep fit and healthy, we asked David Lloyd to work with us and share their online content that they had produced for club members.

David Lloyd Clubs have generously shared this video content with Richard House’s 300 families. Catering for a range of ages and abilities, this video content is allowing families who are shielding access daily exercise, providing support for their wellbeing and have fun as a family with everything from creating a treasure map to making a marble run. Now we can offer a unique way for families to remain active and stay connected to Richard House, even when they can’t leave their homes. 

One of the families benefiting from the partnership is Calvin and his Mum Maureen. They have been shielding since mid-March and have been unable to go outside. Maureen shared with us why having access to online content is so beneficial to the family:

"We were so excited to receive the wellbeing videos from David Lloyd. Since Covid-19 started, we're not allowed to go our at all, as Calvin is on the shielding list and has been missing out on seeing his friends. The videos are so fun, Calvin has found some things so funny and as a mother, it is nice to see Calvin laugh hard. Being able to do something fun as a family makes getting through this period much easier."

Corporate Spotlight: Employee Fundraising with a Twist - Holt Energy Advisors

At the beginning of 2019, Richard House was delighted to gain a new, long-term charity partner; Holt Energy Advisors (HEA). HEA is a boutique energy advisory company delivering expert commercial consulting and transaction advisory solutions to the oil, gas and renewables sectors.

As well as making an initial donation to the charity, HEA conducted a number of activities and events across our first year of partnership, despite only being a team of six!

"All the team are enjoying being involved and the various different types of events means there is something for everyone to join in. People know who we support and feel connected to it. Personally, 5k dressed as a turtle is much preferable to a skydive!! We also love hosting fundraising events where we can bring together all of our clients, suppliers and partners as it often throws up some interesting (and unexpected!) conversations. We are very pleased to support the great work Richard House are doing and we hope to raise a significant amount of money to ensure this facility continues to thrive."

Chris Starling, Managing Director at Holt Energy Advisors

Incorporating their wider network in their employee fundraising is something HEA have done exceptionally well at over our first year or partnership, particularly at Christmas 2019 when they created a unique spin on a classic festive fundraiser. 

Not content with simply hosting a Christmas raffle, HEA went several steps further and designed an online auction, with an incredible selection of over 50 lots, on a bespoke website that counted down to Christmas. It raised £1831 in total for Richard House showing the fantastic results that can come from a new take on an established idea.

HEA were also kind enough to donate their remaining lots, post-auction, to the Rainbow Ball which was the Gala Dinner hosted by Richard House in February 2020. Thanks to HEA's generosity, the Rainbow Ball auction benefited from the addition of a Microflight experience, Supercar Blast Driving Experience, and more! 

Corporate Spotlight: Purpose Driven Partnership with Barclays Wealth Technology 

Barclays Wealth Technology initially approached the Corporate Partnerships Team in 2019 as Richard House had been selected to be their Charity of the Year partner. After our first conversation with the team, it became clear that they wanted to achieve more beyond raising money for the hospice. They were keen to hear about some of the wider challenges that we were facing, to see how they might be able to support us.  

Quickly it became clear where a purpose-driven partnership between Richard House and Barclays Wealth Technology could provide transformational and long-term change. Being experts in how technology can improve an organisations innovation and productivity, Barclays had the answers for some of the toughest administrative challenges facing Richard House.

Beyond improving the efficiency and security of Richard House in our day to day operations, this also helps Barclays and the hospice meet our shared goal of working through more eco-friendly and sustainable methods. 

Barclays Wealth Technology has continued to undertake a variety of fundraising activities as part of the Charity of the Year partnership, including their Christmas Festive afternoon. The Corporate Partnerships Team were delighted to attend this event, which raised over £1,000.