We love bringing our partners together, and this is where you can find out about what we have planned next in the Corporate Partnerships Team. 

Across the year we run networking and CSR events, around East London and the City and often in collaboration with our corporate partners. These events may be large scale receptions to bring together focus around a key issue such as uniting a 5G workforce, or smaller panels and gatherings that offer more intimate discussion and interactive content. 

We also think there is nothing better than a bit of healthy competition between our corporate partners, providing a platform for you to get to know each other better! As a team we create fun, collaborative events and challenges that pitch our partners against each other, from the quizzical to the physical.  

If you have your own ideas about what you would like Richard House to offer as an event or competition between our partners, we want to hear from you! 

You can also look at our bespoke events and sponsorship page, for how we can support you with any events you are planning and any upcoming events Richard House is running that span across all our donors. Some examples of these would include our Gala Rainbow Balls and Summer Fairs, which you can engage with as a corporate sponsor or contributor. 

Networking and CSR Events

Due to the current coronavirus crisis, we are working hard to translate our 2020/21 schedule of events onto virtual platforms. Some of these have already been delivered online, such as our most recent Business E-Breakfast which focused around the challenging "Transitions" we are all facing in our professional lives. Our first virtual webinar, Spinning Plates, made to replace a planned event around parental mental health, is available now. If you think you may have the tools or expertise to help us further digitise our events and would like to collaborate, please do get in touch. 

We are already looking at 2021 and our "coming of age" as Richard House enters it's 21st anniversary. More details on this and event plans, such as a reception event for International Women's Day, will be announced in the coming weeks, so please watch this space!

Inter-Company Fundraising Events and Challenges

Richard House has a rich history of hosting fundraising challenges and events that multiple partners can engage with, submitting their company team to a championship or working as an entire organisation to try and beat all others in a battle of intellect or innovation. 

Though coronavirus has meant we have had to postpone some of our planned events, we are still committed to coming up with new ideas for events that can create some competition from afar!

Keep your eyes peeled as we will be announcing two new challenges soon... teasers below!

Relay for Richard House - Which company can venture the furthest? 

In recognition of Children's Hospice Week, 22-28th June 2020, the Richard House Corporate Partnership Team had been planning a city wide relay walk between our partner's offices to raise vital funds for the hospice and join everyone together. 

Also, many of us are disappointed to have lost the chance to participate in challenge events across the Spring and Summer, notably events such as Ride London and the London Marathon - across the UK all training and fundraising has been hit. 

We have redesigned our plans into a remote relay challenge, inspired by the fundraising efforts of Macfarlanes Llp who recently raised a fantastic sum for Richard House with their version of this event. We aim for this to be an easy to organise event, for which each participant would only need to take maximum two hours out of their working day to engage in. A small investment for a potentially huge return! 

Find out more about Relay for Richard House 

The Big Fat Quiz of 20 Years

Keen to get some friendly rivalry going with your sector associates whilst in this new lock-down?

Look no further than our Big Fat Quiz of 20 Years, a ready made resource that you can download and host over the virtual platform of your choice!

Invite teams from businesses around your sector and discover who knows the most about history, pop culture and news over the past 20 years.

Alternatively, you can of course run this within your own organisation as an inter-departmental quiz. Get all the info here.