We can achieve so much together in a year.

Make Richard House your Charity Of The Year and offer your staff a local, fun and action-packed partnership that we know will change their perspective on children's hospice care for good. 

The Selection Process

The Corporate Partnerships Team and the whole of the hospice will get behind our bid to be your next Charity of the Year partner, and you will see this reflected throughout the Selection Process. We will always look to find our shared values and make sure these are incorporated into our plans for the partnership, and equally we want to hear what your individual staff want - so are always happy to come and speak to teams or host them at the hospice. 

Our Charity of the Year Partnership

Our partnerships are interactive, inventive and fun to be a part of! At the start of our partnership we will set some goals with you, so that we can help you get the most out of your time with Richard House and engage as many of your staff as possible. Where you have your own established events across the year, we will work hard to support you and help give them a fresh twist if needed, or if you are starting with a blank canvas then we have lots of ready made fundraising packs and campaigns to get you started. 

As a team we actively work to create fundraising ideas that are outside of the box, as we know the importance of keeping staff energised in a partnership - plus, there's nothing more fun than creating a fundraiser that is unique to our partnership with you! Mixed in with some tried and tested favourites, we know this is a winning formula for a Charity of the Year that raises more than ever before. You can read about one such partnership in our Spotlight below. 

At regular intervals across the partnership we will celebrate key milestones, as well as regularly meeting with your charity team to plan the next stage and hear your feedback. 

You can also read more about the Employee Engagement Day options that we offer within our partnerships by clicking the link.  


Alongside fundraising and volunteering, one of the most important things we can do together in partnership with your company is to encourage conversation around what Children's Hospice Care actually is. We know the word alone conjures certain preconceptions, and as part of our partnership we will take every opportunity to "myth-bust" for your staff.

Children's hospices are very different to adult counterparts and we will encourage as many of your employees to visit the hospice across the partnership as possible. Even those nervous to visit typically find themselves surprised by what they learn and happy that they made the short trip on the DLR!

This is important for the future of children's hospices like Richard House, as our work continues to evolve and develop in line with the changing face of palliative care for children and also increasingly young adults - so having partners who understand and can spread awareness is essential for us to meet our organisational objectives. 

Celebrating the Impact of our Charity of the Year Partnership

As we approach the final quarter of our Charity of the Year partnership, the Corporate Partnerships Team will start planning with you how to end on a high and celebrate the fantastic efforts of your company; whether that be a thank you event that announces the total raised, a staff social with awards for key players across the partnership, a cheque presentation with your SLT, or handwritten cards or video from our families and staff. These are just a selection of the ways that we can make sure your team feels their hard work is valued, as the most important part of our job as your Corporate Partnerships Team is to say...

Chat more with us about Charity of the Year

Beyond Charity of the Year 

Once the agreed Charity of the Year partnership is finished, Richard House is always keen to find ways to keep your company engaged with us - so that employees can continue to see the lasting impact of their fundraising and volunteering efforts, even if you have a new key charity partner. We would still always welcome your teams to the hospice for volunteering days, or even just to take another tour and see any new developments since their last visit. We would also still offer sponsorship opportunities to your company and keep you included in our corporate e-newsletter, so that you could get involved in any events and campaigns you chose to across the year. 

Where possible, we are also always keen to discuss ways to develop our partnership beyond Charity of the Year, evolving it into a long-term, purpose-driven relationship. You can read more about these types of partnerships here