Due to coronavirus, Richard House has missed two consecutive birthdays. As a result, we've had to cancel countless celebration events including our 21st birthday cruise and autumn fair. Cancelled fundraising events due to the pandemic have led to a shortfall of over £150,000. 

Although national restrictions have been lifted, Richard House still faces a number of significant challenges. From a fundraising perspective, areas such as events and community fundraising continue to suffer, and many of our corporate partners are not currently able to support us in the way they have historically.

We now believe that this year may be more of a struggle for raising funds than the last, now that emergency grants and government Covid support are no longer available. We continue to receive just 30% of our operational costs from the government, and with ever more worthy causes competing for funding, the support of our donors and friends is more vital than ever.

We're determined to acknowledge our 21st birthday, celebrating 21 years of vital care and support to seriously ill children and their families across London and beyond. Celebrate with us by placing a candle on our virtual birthday cake and help us be there for another 21 years and beyond!

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* This virtual cake contains ZERO calories