We will use your gift to make sure future generations of children with life-limiting conditions receive the care they need, and that no family is left unsupported.

The number of children with life-limiting conditions is rising and with advances in medicine many children are now living longer than before. The numbers of children needing hospice services is continuing to rise each year, and coupled with a long term decline in government support for children’s hospice services, your gift will be vital in providing help and support to future generations.

Leaving a gift to Richard House in your Will means that we will be able to provide all the children and their families that need our help with the care and support they need, either in their own homes or in purpose built rooms with state of the art equipment that meets their individual needs and treats each case individually.

Meet Henry

Henry (pictured above with his sister, Alice) is four and has been coming to Richard House since he was seven months old. Henry was deprived of oxygen during a traumatic birth which left him with severe brain damage. He has spent much of his life in hospital and he now requires 24 hour care. Henry loves music therapy at Richard House. This uses a wide range of accessible instruments to create a musical language enabling him to communicate.

Henry’s mum, Katherine, said:

We were told if Henry survived he would likely have severe mobility issues. It was a devastating moment to know how badly injured Henry was from his birth and that our little boy was facing a struggle for his life.

Henry first smiled around the time of his first birthday and has been giving us little smiles ever since! He is a beautiful little boy and everyone admires his gorgeous long eyelashes!! We are so happy to have him home with us and we are very proud of him.

Richard House is a wonderfully accepting place for a family like ours. We are able to relax and have fun as a family without standing out from the crowd which we do in our day-to-day life. The staff are amazing and they give us support, wonderful music therapy and respite care, so we are able to function as a young family. It is also a place to get advice and support on those occasions where you feel lost and overwhelmed. Richard House is a second home and we are very grateful to be able to access their amazing facilities.

As a member of The National Free Wills Network Richard House is offering you the chance to have a simple Will written by a local solicitor free of charge.

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If you would like to find out more about how to leave a legacy to Richard House in your Will, please contact [email protected] or telephone 020 7540 0200 and ask for the legacy team.