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Business Breakfasts are quarterly corporate social events organised by Richard House. They are offered as a chance for our corporate partners to network and share knowledge around CSR trends in their respective sectors or across all industries.

Each event has a key topic or theme, with panelists or expert speakers from leading organisations offering insight, plus the chance for all attendees to debate and voice their own concerns from within their own company or sector.

We also give attendees behind-the-scenes insight of Richard House and the challenges our families are currently facing, or the emerging plans for the future of the hospice, and the chance to apply your business skills to supporting us through the next stage of our journey. 

Our Business Breakfasts take place around East London and the City, typically for up to 45 attendees a session. We welcome the partnership of our corporate supporters in hosting and determining the next topic of these events; as these breakfasts are not designed to fundraise, but instead to offer an interactive platform that puts your corporate interests into the spotlight.

Covid-19 is not deterring us and we have already delivered our first virtual Business E-Breakfast, in November 2020; you can read more about this below!

If you would like to register your interest in being the host venue for our next event, or have an idea that you wish to share with us/offer to speak on, please complete our short form below. 

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Looking after You: Supporting Parents and Carers in the Workplace

Over the past 18 months, there have been dramatic changes to most parents' and carers' working lives.  

With job security threatened, new working patterns, increased family responsibilities plus school and childcare closures, many families are having to adjust to ever growing demand of combining their jobs, housework and childcare. The resultant time pressures faced by parents and carers is enormous. The Institute for Fiscal Studies stated that in May 2020, childcare took up nine hours of a parent’s day and housework three, all whilst working. 

With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to support parents' and carers' wellbeing in the workplace. 

Wellbeing is more than just physical health – it involves emotional, social, financial and mental health too. With the strain of juggling multiple parental/work responsibilities, it is no wonder that it is easy for people to lose sight of the importance of looking after themselves first.  

In this session, we will be looking at how to support parents and carers in the workplace. We’ll share top tips on how parents can manage the ever-growing demands, including practical exercises which can be implemented. Richard House corporate partners will then be sharing their successful methods on how they support working parents and carers within their organisation. Finally, a family supported by Richard House will share their experience of managing their own wellbeing whilst caring for their child. 

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Want a Bespoke Breakfast, just for your Business? 

Like our wellbeing services, the Richard House Corporate Partnerships Team is happy to accommodate your needs for a bespoke Business Breakfast, served up just for your team or stakeholders and focused around a subject that is unique to your company CSR goals or challenges being faced. 

Get in touch with the team to discuss your vision and how we can help you create the perfect breakfast event in return for support to Richard House.  

Corporate Spotlight: Recent Business Breakfasts

November 2020: "Transitions: Supporting Teams Through Personal and Organisational Change"

Our November Business E-Breakfast focused on different transitions that organisations and their teams could be facing now or in the coming months, and how to develop resilience, managerial skills and supportive environments to help staff thrive throughout these periods of change.

We recognised 2020 was a significant time of change for us all, regardless of our profession or seniority, as we adapted to a new working world challenged by COVID-19. Professionally, more uncertainties were on the horizon; redundancies, transitioning back to office-based working, and/or undergoing large-scale business renovations to remain sustainable which we know then impact on the mental wellbeing of teams who have to adapt.

Personally, we are also all going through transitions; juggling multiple roles, living more limited lifestyles and having to deal with new stresses or potentially challenging situations without the support on hand that we might be used to from our colleagues and loved ones.

There was a wealth of webinars around the impact of the pandemic, and we felt that our specialist team of therapists could bring a voice of hope to the conversation. Though the future is uncertain, we can keep working towards a better horizon, and “change” can offer us “chance”! 

 The session focused around three key topics under the umbrella theme of transitions: 

"Office to home and back again" - How can you keep staff motivated and feeling proud of the work their organisation is doing across the current pandemic, returning to core business priorities to foster positive change and boost both resilience and morale?

"Coaching staff through transitions" - How, as a manager or policy advisor, can you offer every member of your team insightful and tailored support to coach them through the tough times ahead, whilst also monitoring your own good mental health to be an effective leader?

 "Entering a remote workforce" - How can you make early careers feel settled, valued and in control of their professional  development, when they are facing the most surreal and potentially alienating time to enter the workforce in recent history?

To offer solutions to these challenging questions we were joined by a panel of speakers who could offer their own success stories and specialist advice: Doug Cooke, Executive Chairman at Principle Cleaning Services; our own Isabella Barrand, Therapies Practitioner at Richard House; and Stacey Kingshott, HR Director at World Wide Technology.

Recognising the risk of "Zoom Fatigue" we identified a new platform to host our first virtual breakfast, Remo. This allowed for the closest experience of live networking and interaction that we could provide, to retain the key value of our events bringing our partners together. Thanks to our generous event sponsors, Holt Energy Advisors, we were also able to uphold another key event tradition: providing the breakfast! Attendees who opted in had a delicious breakfast box delivered to their doorstep ready for the event, meaning they could attend the session ready to network. 


February 2020: "Building Bridges Beyond The Project"

This event was tailored to our corporate partners in the construction and development sectors. It focused around how to make a worthwhile contribution to existing communities when developing, and how to protect the welfare of workers on site.

We saw that the landscape of East London is rapidly changing, with decades of further development already planned, and felt Richard House could offer a unique perspective; we are a local service that has been a pillar of the East London community for 20 years. We wanted to offer a platform of discussion for how developers could be sensitive and inclusive to the needs of existing communities; looking at good examples of community initiatives and support programmes, plus Section 106 requirements and how to go above and beyond to facilitate real progress in the community for everyone  

Our existing partners had also spoken with us about the alarming statistics for construction workers, including the tragic fact that there is an average of one suicide every week in the UK. Occupational health and wellbeing should be a key concern in any business, but we saw that there was an urgent need to bring this to the forefront of conversation in the development sector. By inviting speakers who are already making great strides forward in this arena, we felt able to contribute positively to this nationwide concern and offer our partners an achievable starting point in how to make changes within their own organisation.

Knight Dragon Developments Ltd were our generous hosts, who shared their expertise around community support and Section 106 with relation to their massive Greenwich Peninsula development. They also offered insight into the support services they offer to their workers, and what they view as being the essential ingredients for Occupational Health and Wellbeing.

Joining them as fellow industry experts were Mount Anvil, who spoke on how they offer a detailed programme of employment and skills training in the local community through their site in Whitechapel. They also detailed the vast array of Occupational and Mental Health procedures and initiatives in place on their construction sites, offering some very unique ideas that were proven to have injected a major boost to worker morale and wellbeing. 

Wrapping up were Isabella Barrand and Chris Baker from Richard House. Isabella is our Therapies Practitioner and across her career has had experience in dealing with suicide ideation and prevention, plus a host of other crucial wellbeing factors including fostering good mental health and managing stress. She shared her insight with the group and detailed the various wellbeing services that could be offered to corporate teams through her role at the hospice.

Chris, CEO of Richard House, then translated the message of the morning into the key development work essential at Richard House over the next three years - in order to ensure we remained at the forefront of palliative care for children and young people. This included how our partners in the construction sector could support us through those plans to create a full circle, win-win relationship that helped our shared community. 

Despite being held on the morning of a snowstorm, we had excellent attendance to this event from our partners in development; London City Airport, Red Door Ventures and Taylor Wimpey being among the companies that joined us. Feedback from the event was that it had offered real inspiration, with many companies pledging to implement similar ideas into their own policies and also requesting further support from Richard House around our wellbeing services.