What is Boss in the Box?

One giant 2m x 2m perspex box placed in your office with the boss locked inside, only to be released once they have raised enough money for Richard House Children’s Hospice to hit their target! Haven't the space? Not to worry - why not mark a square on the floor using tape!

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How does it work?

Unleash your imagination and go head-to-head with your boss…

Employees will have the opportunity to challenge their boss to a chosen task or activity whilst they are in the box, pledging the amount they will donate to the boss’s running total if that task is completed. A collection bucket for these pledges will be placed next to the door of the box, connected to the key that will “unlock” the boss when their fundraising target has been reached! 

Inside the box, the boss will also be busy trying to reach their fundraising target. Alongside taking on employees challenges, they will also be calling on their own contacts and colleagues to ask them to make donations towards their release.

BUT, there is a twist! On the outside employees will also have the option to fundraise to keep the boss locked inside the box for longer. For every additional £50 raised outside of the box, through donations into collection buckets, bake sales or anything else employees can think of, the target for the boss will go up by £100, meaning the boss has to work even harder to escape!

All the money raised from fundraising both inside and outside the box will be donated to Richard House Children’s Hospice, meaning employees can choose how they get involved in the event to support us.

So how can employees get involved?

  • Visit the box on the day and pay a donation directly into one of our collection buckets that will be stationed around the site.
  • Challenge the boss! Employees can even team up with fellow colleagues to add some more weight to their pledge: Whether it be singing the anthem for a football team that they know the boss hates, juggling with office supplies, conducting a yoga session or dancing the Charleston, employees can pledge the amount they will donate to see the task completed!
  • Get Creative! The more imaginative the tasks, the more money the Boss will raise. Plus, the more ingenious the fundraising outside the box, the longer the Boss will have to stay inside, raising even more!

How to: The Logistics of Boss in the Box

The Boss in the Box challenge has previously been taken on by companies such as Baker & McKenzie and Clifford Chance, and has proved to be an extremely effective and positive fundraising event. We can of course look at running this event in different ways subject to the needs of your organisation; multiple bosses could take on the box at intervals throughout the course of a day, or employees could vote in advance for the series of tasks the boss must face giving time to set up props and materials ready!

However you want to run the event we will be able to offer support, promotional materials and fundraising tips; all to ensure the day is a success and together we raise a fantastic amount for the families and children who access Richard House Children’s Hospice.


To raise £765 the equivalent of the costs for Richard House to provide a day of specialist care and activities for a seriously ill child.

  • To generate positive PR in among local business and local press
  • To generate further interest and support for Richard House Children’s Hospice throughout your business

Download your Boss In The Box guide