In this Holy and prosperous month, we are appreciating the opportunity we received to fulfil one of the five pillars of Islam once again (Fasting). We fast from dusk to dawn and from Suhoor to Iftar. As many people may not know, having Suhoor is very important as we are receiving Barakah, written in a beautiful Hadith, “Eat Suhoor, for in Suhoor there is a blessing” [Prophet PBUH].

For this weeks special blog post, we have a lovely guest writer - our very own Fundraising Assistant, Azeema Afzal. She has kindly put together some tips of how you can stay healthy during this special month.

As much as Suhoor is important to us, Iftar is also a special aspect of fasting. Being with your families, making the best meals and breaking your fast with everyone. Now that we have mentioned food here, does anyone know how much exactly they are supposed to eat? Do you know how to maintain your health during Ramadan? Well below are a list of strategies you can follow to stay healthy and also eat as much as you like at the same time. Following these tips, we all hope to succeed and maintain our health this month.

Tips for maintaining your health in Ramadan 

Take breaks regularly

It can be very tiring when you are not receiving the correct amount of sleep or not getting much time to yourself. Taking breaks might be a great way to rest and have time for yourself and also help you to feel less tired.

Staying hydrated and don't skip meals

Drinking a lot of water and eating fruits/ vegetables such as watermelon, tomatoes or even cucumber helps you to keep hydrated and well for the day. As mentioned before, it is also important to have your meals at Suhoor and Iftar to keep fit and healthy.

Talk with your friends/ colleagues

Not being able to eat during the day can really drain your energy and change your mood. It is a great idea to take time out and talk with your colleagues and friends to gain the right energy and bring some light to your day.

Do activities during the day

Reading books, going out with family, exercising, cooking, are all great activities you can do during the day to keep yourself busy while waiting for Iftar. Also, a great way to experiment on new activities you have not taken on. As they always say, “take on the challenge”.

Eat Healthy Foods

I highly encourage everyone to have balanced meals which will give you a lot of energy throughout your day. Wholegrains such as rice, brown bread and cereal; fruits; and proteins and calcium such as milk, eggs, yogurt and nuts. These will help you to stay healthy at all times.


I hope all these tips keep you well during this month of Ramadan and most of all, enjoy and stay happy because that’s the biggest tip and the most important one too. 😊