Celebrate with us as we turn 20!

Do you want to increase staff engagement and socialising? Is your community group searching for ideas for activities? Do you want to support charity in an innovative, participatory way? We have the answer – simply hold our 'Big Fat Quiz of 20 Years' to help celebrate our 20th Birthday!

Gather participants and have an enjoyable night testing your know-how and savviness whilst raising money for charity. Don’t have the time or opportunity to organise a get together? Just send it out by email to your contacts and ask them to return their answers to join in remotely.

We recommend £5 entry per person. Whether you wish to provide a prize is at your discretion – you may find that participants or local businesses may be willing to donate prizes to increase the amount raised.

Become a Richard House 'Quiz Head' and help some of the most vulnerable children in our communities as we turn 20!

Download your 'Big Fat Quiz of 20 Years' e-Pack

What We Provide

  • A Quizmaster e-Pack with questions, answers (on request m- no cheating beforehand), and information about how to run a Quiz and how to send us the money you have raised
  • A Participant e-Pack with information about Richard House and the services we provide and the questions
  • A dedicated contact at Richard House to help should you have any questions

What You Need To Do

  • Decide whether you want to run a Quiz event or an e-Quiz!

A Quiz Event:

  • Organise a suitable time and venue for your event
  • Find a quiz-master to ask the questions and read out the answers after each round
  • Decide whether participants will participate as individuals or teams
  • Consider if you need a prize and if so ideally source a donated prize
  • Publicise the event and request RSVPs so you have an idea of attendee numbers
  • Print enough Participant e-Packs for each individual or team

At the Event:

  • Collect £5 per participant and give out the question sheets to teams/individuals
  • As participants to put their name on each sheet
  • Ask the questions one round at a time
  • After each round ask participants to swap answers and read out the answers for them to mark and total the scores for the round
  • Collect in the score sheets and read out the scores
  • Do the same for each round
  • At the end of Round 5 total up the scores and announce the winners, awarding any prize

After the Event:

  • Send the money collected to Richard House Children’s Hospice using the How To Send Us Your Funds below

An e-Quiz:

  • Simply send out the Participant e-Pack to your contacts and ask them to return their answers with £5
  • Mark the answers and notify participants of the winner and distribute any prize
  • Send the money collected to Richard House Children’s Hospice using the method below.

How To Send Us Your Funds

There are a number of ways you can send the money you have raised to Richard House:

  • Cheque: Send a cheque or postal order made payable to ‘Richard House Trust’ to: Richard House Children’s Hospice, Richard House Drive, London E16 3RG
  • Local Bank: Money can be paid into our bank account at from any local Metro branch.
    • Account Name: RICHARD HOUSE TRUST
      Account Number: 34834352
      Sort Code: 23-05-80
  • Bank Transfer: Transfer your money into our bank account (details above)
  • Credit/Debit Card: Call the Fundraising Team in the office on 020 7540 0200 to arrange payment by credit/debit card
  • Pop in: You can pop into Richard House and drop in your money
  • Online: You can donate through our website (please include a note in the comment box letting us know that this is for The Richard House Quiz)

Contact Us

If you’d like to go down in history as a Richard House Quiz Head, contact us to find out how! Richard House is London's first Children's Hospice. Whatever your capacity to give, support or raise awareness, we have the most comprehensive plan to help seriously ill children across our community and we want to hear from you and how you can be a part of the journey! 

However you decide to run your quiz, we'll support you with whatever you might need from collection buckets to banners, stickers to pens. Just let us know! Email our Community and Events fundraising team  or call 020 7540 0228 so we can start supporting you today.

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