“Without Richard House I don’t know how our family would cope. It would leave families like us in quite a bad way. We would find life a lot more difficult. Jayden’s condition is life-limiting, and knowing that we have somewhere safe and familiar for us to go through this experience with him makes such a difference.” – Kareema, Jayden’s Mum

This year we are facing a shortfall in funding of £500,000 and are at risk of cutting our vital services to seriously ill children.

Richard House has been caring for seriously ill children for 21 years. We have worked with thousands of families in the toughest moments of their lives.

The last 18 months have been the hardest in our history, but they would have been so much harder without our nurses, who have continued to deliver services to families in need throughout the pandemic. From the moment the Covid-19 threat reached us, the nurses of Richard House have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we could continue to deliver palliative care to East London’s most unwell children.

Our nurses put Richard House families above their own; they put the lives of the children they care for above their own, turning up every single day, even when it was physically exhausting and emotionally draining.  As one nurse put it “this is our calling. This is what we have to do”

Without our nurses Richard House simply could not exist.

We are now facing the very real prospect of cutting services – leaving families without support and unable to reach those who are desperate for our care.

This year we have seen our funding drop and are facing a shortfall of £500,000 - such a shortfall will force us to decide which families we can continue to support and where we will have no choice to withdraw our care.

Covid-19 was hard enough for our families, they have experienced isolation and loneliness for long enough. Do not leave them without Richard House now.

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