Hearing the news that your child has a life-limiting condition is a parent’s worst nightmare. For the parents living with their child’s diagnosis, they must battle with overwhelming feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Families have to provide highly skilled, clinical care to their child at home, throughout the day and night, all the while coming to terms with reality of their diagnosis. They do so with very little sleep, while also having to meet the needs of their other children. Richard House is here to help.


 "We first heard of Richard House when Alexander was 10 months old. It was at this point that I was really struggling mentally, and I took a chance and got in touch with Richard House. It changed my life. I spoke to Carol and Isabella in the care team, and as soon as I spoke to them all of this trauma and grief poured out! I’m not ashamed to admit that the counselling and the Mum’s Group saved my life. I felt alone, isolated and constantly terrified for Alexander. I come to Richard House to catch my breath, for a very needed change of scenery without constantly feeling on edge. They give such precious space to the children and families who need it." Emma, Alexander’s mum.

 Our Mum’s Group provides a life-line to our families. This summer, will you help Richard House support more mums and give them some much-needed ‘me’ time?

You can read more about Alexanders story here

A message from Carol, our STaR Team Manager;

"Because of their caring responsibilities, mums can often lose social networks they once relied on, and even those with many friends and big families can feel as if no one understands what they’re going though. Our Mum’s Group offers mums a chance to meet with other carers in similar circumstances, to talk through thoughts and feelings in a supportive, non- judgmental environment and helps to grow the friendships they need to improve their quality of life. Each week, we create space for our mums to come together and enjoy peer support, as well as activities themed around occasions such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, improving networks for mums and carers who can easily become stressed and isolated.

During Covid, the group had to pause so we are working very hard to reach out to some new mums who are feeling just like Emma did – scared, lonely and isolated – and reinvigorate the group. Some much needed pampering through massage or having afternoon tea can really refresh a mother and give some relief for a short time from the worries and anxieties that they hold every day. Your generous donation will enable us to restart activities and trips that we offer mums that are guided by the things they enjoy doing together, and are able then to be offered free of charge.

Mum’s Group offers an opportunity to meet with other people in similar circumstances and talk about your thoughts and feelings in a supportive, non- judgmental environment. The feelings of isolation can be overcome by making new friends and building positive relationships.”

You can download our Spring/Summer edition of our Richard House magazine here