During the current crisis, Richard House will be remaining open to provide vital support to the NHS. As hospitals focus on COVID-19 patients, we will be taking children with long term conditions from hospitals, both to provide more beds for the NHS effort, and also to provide a more safe environment for these children. More than ever it is vital that Richard House is able to provide care for these families and children, many of who are the most vulnerable and at risk in the present crisis.

The outbreak of Coronavirus has affected all parts of our society.  We are all facing an unprecedented crisis, and we are already noticing the impact at Richard House, with a substantial drop in our income.

We have been forced to cancel fundraising events and activities planned for the coming months, normally one of our busiest fundraising periods, and close our six charity shops, and as a result we anticipate that our income over the coming months will not be enough to keep our services running.

This could have a drastic effect on the families who rely on Richard House, if we have to reduce our services or even close our doors. It is vital we can continue to care for children with a long term health conditions and support their families.

So we are asking for you today to make a donation and help us to continue to be there for them, the most vulnerable children in our community.