The first event in our series of 6 cycles, the Cycle London event is designed to provide everyone of all abilities a world class event. Compete alone, in teams of 2 and 4 all around marathon distances. Alone you have to complete the equivalent of 4 marathon distances which is 105.2 miles, as a team of 2 you need to complete 52.6 miles each and as a 4, 26.2 miles each.

Reg fee: £25
Sponsorship target: Raise what you can!

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The Virtual Marathon Series:


The Virtual Marathon Series is a set of world class virtual events set out to provide fundraisers and runners a continuous challenge that is fun and will keep them participating again and again. Each entrant can compete for charity, to get fit, just for the medal or for those who want to, more competitively.
Not everyone is able to get on a plane and set off to take on the world’s biggest marathons. However with the Virtual Marathon Series fundraisers and runners alike can join a new and growing group of virtual athletes. Furthermore we have all experienced the disappointment of an event being cancelled and this is one of the reasons the Virtual Marathon Series was born. With the difficult and sad times surrounding covid-19 a new set of fundraising challenges and virtual events were needed. These events will continue to grow into the future and will act as the perfect back up plan if any of the world’s top events are unable to go ahead again.

Who Are The Events For?

The events are for everyone; individuals, families, teams, businesses and groups of friends. Basically anyone who can find some open space and strap on some running shoes. Inclusion is important in the Virtual Marathon Series and we will continue to find new ways to accommodate different age groups and abilities.

What are the challenges?

Everyone of the Virtual Marathon Series can be taken on, on specific days of the year as an individual in a pair or a team. The Rolling versions of each event can be done all year around, have special challenges and tasks that people can enjoy in their own time. on their own terms

What Makes These Events Different From All Of The Other Virtual Events?

The events are based around a common theme; great cities, common running distances that everyone understands and charities. All of the events offer teams and individuals a chance to enter times and compete with the world, for fun or competitively.

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