Random acts of Kindness Day - Holly raises lots of money!

It's Random acts of Kindness Day! For this special day I would like talk about a lovely, inspiring girl called Holly. Who I can safely say has warmed all our hearts here at Richard House.

Christmas is an exciting time for everyone - presents, food, Santa hats, music – seeing Granny “up and rock ‘n’ rollin with the rest” (sorry I couldn’t resist a Slade reference). Sometimes we forget what Christmas spirit is all about and that’s giving and caring.

That’s certainly something that local Brownie Holly didn’t forget. Over the Christmas period last year Holly was working towards her Charity Badge for her local Brownie group. In order to achieve this, she had to raise money for a chosen charity - This charity being us, woohoo! She even sent us the most adorable little letter that definitely made "The Grinch's small heart grow three sizes."

Holly also donated a bunch of her old toys to our Hornchurch shop for us to sell to make even MORE money. Last week we were so excited to meet Holly and thank her in person at our Hornchurch Charity shop - Denise, our Shop Manager, presented Holly with her very own, one of a kind certificate.

Holly and her grandma started a bake sale and baked a selection of delicious cakes to sell to raise money for Richard House and raised a wonderful £15.90!

Thank you, Holly! You are a Richard House Superstar!


Guides Honour, be kind always! (insert Brownie hand sign emoji here)