"When you smile to your brothers face, it is charity" - Tirmidhi

Richard House Children's Hospice has been serving the East London Community for over 21 years. We have worked with thousands of families in the toughest moments of their lives. Our vision is to give them the best quality of life possible and help them to create treasured memories.

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For the holy month of Ramadan, we are celebrating happiness and the joy that comes from a smile. The peaceful smile of a parent who knows their child is being cared for in respite, so they can take a much-needed break; the smile of satisfaction from a child who has been able to express their emotions for the first time through music therapy; the bittersweet smile of a dad remembering happy times at Richard House; the joyful smiles of a mum who has been given the chance to connect with other mums and not feel isolated anymore.

"Even a smile is considered charity" - Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

And so, this Ramadan, we are asking you to take this lesson from the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) himself and bring a smile to the faces of the families we support, 32% of which are of Muslim faith, by donating your Zakat.

The children and families we work with come from some of the most disadvantaged areas in the UK. As well as poverty and financial challenges, our families must also cope with social isolation and lack of access to information. Richard House provides holistic support and as well as caring for the clinical needs of the child, giving the young people and families we work with the chance to not only survive, but thrive. All of our care is provided free of charge and without Richard House these families would have nowhere else to go.

Please give the gift of a smile to our families this Holy season by donating your Zakat to our Ramadan appeal.